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  • The History of Pawnbroking

    We have Pawnbroking to thank for the discovery of the Americas. Christopher Columbus' voyage was funded largely by the proceeds from pawning Queen Isabella of Spain's jewels. Pawnbroking as we know it today dates back to Italy in the 1400s, when the Medici family was a dominant financial power. When the family divided, parting ways, half of the family became bankers and the others became pawnbrokers. The side of the family that started their business in Pawnbroking, incorporated the now instantly recognizable sign of the pawnbroker, the famous three gold balls. The origins of banking and pawnbroking are quite interconnected. Pawnbroking is, in fact, another form of banking. Pawnbroking may have earned itself an unfair reputation in the past, however, there is no doubt that its image has changed substantially over the past two decades. The industry has seen an increase in popularity with customers now preferring this convenient form of borrowing money. Today, there is a wide range of customers utilizing Pawnbrokers’ services. They are ordinary people, who may wish to borrow money for a short period of time. Some however, may need a little more time to redeem their valuables, in which there are certain Pawn Shops that offer extended loan periods. Pawnbroking customers use their own property as collateral for the cash they need, to tide them over until payday, or until they have the cash to redeem their items. This gives the customer a comfortable feeling they are simply, borrowing from themselves. No fuss, no favors, no extending or creating unsecured credit with the threat of negative credit ratings or 'blacklisting' as it is known, if the loan is not repaid. Fully secured, straightforward and transparent credit in minutes. No wonder so many customers see pawnbroking as 'just another way of borrowing money'. When choosing a pawn shop to do business with, it is important to do one’s research. How long the shop has been in business is significant. Longevity indicates loyal customers over the years. Enquiring about loan terms (i.e. length the loan is good for and the loan rates) is also a must.

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  • SERVICES | Sunrise Pawnbrokers

    Available Services CASH LOANS We provide fast cash loans for only 6-7% charges, the lowest in Fort Lauderdale! We typically loan on fine jewelry and watches, gold, silver, diamonds, musical instruments, etc. SELL TO US You can sell your items to us outright. We buy fine jewelry and watches, gold, silver, diamonds, musical instruments, etc. BUY FROM US We offer a wide selection of fine jewelry and watches, diamond rings, chains, bracelets, earrings, pendants, musical instruments and more! Contact Get in touch to learn more! First Name Last Name Email What Services Do You Need? Thank You for Your Interest In Our Services! Submit

  • Pawn Shop | Sunrise Pawnbrokers Inc | Fort Lauderdale

    NEED A LOW INTEREST CASH LOAN? COME TO THE HOME OF THE 7% Per Month Loan! Family owned and operated since 1962, our Pawn Shop in Fort Lauderdale has always maintained the highest level of ethical and moral standards that have contributed to our fine reputation in the community throughout the years. In an industry that has not always enjoyed an ideal public perception, we have insisted on operating our business with a high emphasis placed on integrity. We are licensed and fully insured. We offer confidential, secure loans, with rates and terms that are unequaled in the State of Florida. OUR LOAN RATES ARE NO HIGHER THAN 7% PER MONTH!!! LOANS Getting a loan at Sunrise Pawnbrokers Inc. is made simple and convenient for our customers. We provide cash loans on Gold, Diamonds, Fine Watches, Musical Instruments and More! All Loans Confidential, and good for up to 3 months (no payments necessary for 3 months), with Rates NO HIGHER than 7% per month. We are proud to be known as the Family Owned Pawn Shop with the LOWEST RATES in Fort Lauderdale.

  • CONTACT US | Sunrise Pawnbrokers

    Contact Us : If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us. We will respond within 24 - 48 hours of your inquiry! Subscribe to Stay Updated On Sunrise Pawnbrokers New Product Arrivals or to Request Information on a Service! First Name Last Name Email Phone Birthday Select a Service Make a Selection arrow&v Please Provide More Details, So We Can Best Assist You! I want to subscribe to your mailing list. Submit Thank You for Your Support! VISIT US : Please stop by and say hello to Mark, Josh, Steve and Rick at our location in East Fort Lauderdale. Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions or comments. WE ARE LOCATED AT : 3043 North Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306 954-563-3147 E-MAIL US : FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ​ ​

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